September 2009

Fall Is Finally Here

Fall. Back to school. Cooler temperatures. Colorful leaves. Pumpkins. Halloween. Sweaters. Swimming pools “closed for the season”.

Growing up in south-central Pennsylvania, these are the memories of Fall. An exciting time marked by dramatic changes from Summer.

Well, in central Florida, these changes from Summer to Fall are much less distinct. In fact, they are almost invisible.

Attempting to share some of our history and traditions with our son (9), a native Floridian, I had to find small ways to tell big stories.

So, the first night the temperature starts with a six instead of a seven, well, that’s when I officially declare Fall has arrived. We haven’t seen a day or night temperature below 70 since April, until today.

As we go through our busy lives, it’s these little things that make life more interesting, more “alive”, for me.

Do you have small ways to tell big stories? Want to share any here? Please feel free. But I’ll completely understand if you’re too busy.

By jeff noel

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For my boys, it has a lot to do with music. Certain songs bring back floods of memories, and I try to share them with my boys. Certain Christmas music bring back thoughts of Christmas in rural Tennessee.

[…] There is one element (actually 2 – I’ll share the other in a few months), about living in Orlando that I miss considerably, and that is Autumn. I miss the leaves changing color, the cool, brisk air when you step outside and the wearing of sweaters and jackets. Fellow Florida-resident Jeff Noel wrote a few days ago about how to keep this in perspective here. […]

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