September 2009

Volunteering Is A Lifestyle

Didn’t consciously think about this until our son was born in 2000.

In studying human nature, I concluded there were several choices:

  1. Volunteering for things that take you away from your Family
  2. Volunteering for things that do not take you away from your Family
  3. Volunteering for a little of both
  4. Not volunteering

This morning, I’m a Lector at our Church. Once or twice a month I have the privilege to read from the Old Testament or the New Testament.

The (two) Lectors act as God’s voice, and read critical pieces of scripture to the congregation.

Our son sees this every time I volunteer. Visible is good. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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2 replies on “Volunteering Is A Lifestyle”

Thanks for your observation. #2 is exactly that, with the Family. Cheryl volunteers as a Minister of Holy Communion on days I Lector.

Afterwards, Chapin helps me carry the Gospel (very large, heavy book) back to the Sacristy. Have been doing it since he could walk. It was cute when he was very young, he wasn’t strong enough to even begin to carry his end.

By design, the symbolic natural of involving him plants seeds…

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