jeff noel Hopes This Comes Across As A Teachable Moment And Not As A Dig Against The Catholic Church

The Passion of the Christ

The Sunday epiphany was that the congregation was also going through the motions, at least as far as jeff noel saw it. Please consider the fact that noel had spiritually gone through the motions his entire life. Now his eyes (and ears) were wide open spiritually.

The congregation dutifully sat and read along word for word as the Lector read. noel had been inspired by a passionate teacher to visualize themselves proclaiming God’s Holy word, not “doing a reading”.

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  1. Jeff,

    WOW – a great insight that is often lost in the “routine” itself. I have this thought going through my mind from Bryan Duncan (Christian artist) who said, as he was discussing the behaviors of people during the Christmas season, “We’ve all turned into human doings instead of human beings.” But the same applies to church, among many other things. The Bible doesn’t command us to “do church.” It isn’t a “check off” things to do. God commands us to “be the church.” That means the church isn’t a building to visit or a task to do, but is the body of Christ – a living, vibrant relationship.

    See, your blogs may be short concepts, but it drives deep! It made my mind take off.


  2. “What is brain power, Alex?”

    For decades I have tried to explain it’s just a building. When someone says they are going to church, I remind them they are the church.

  3. The Holy Spirit is a reflection of God, of Jesus. They both have the Holy Spirit. And they’ve bestowed it upon humans. Big challenge though: it takes a moment to become a Christian, a lifetime to become like Christ.
    Hope your recovery is speedy and uneventful.

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