What Would It Take To Awaken From A Deep Slumber?

Once afraid of it, jeff noel began understanding what it meant to be the voice of God's Holy Word

In dreaming big, and filled with God’s Holy Spirit, jeff noel prayed for understanding and direction from the vision his teacher shared in yesterday’s post.

Would it be possible to be so full of God’s Holy Spirit that while “doing a reading”, it was God’s voice, not his own, that would cause Parishioners to stop following along in the Missal, look up and see the Lector as if it was Saint Paul, Abraham, or the Prophet Jeremiah, etc.

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  1. That is the a-ha moment I strive for when I teach religious ed. Look at and listen to me. Let me show you and tell you about a gift that is already yours, already a part of you. A strength that always with you to lean upon.

  2. Patty, as Lee Cockerell once told me, be passionate, tell stories and use personal examples – when I asked him for public speaking advice.

    And as St Francis said, everyday preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.

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