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For the love of a teacher

Orlando's best leadership speakers


(photo: Selfie from a different angle and no concern if it’s blurry… in fact blurry is cool. The excerpt below is from one of them.)

Received this a few hours after the retirement party from a Disney Leader, who at one time (mid-90’s) was a direct report:

So when I was working at THE Grand, I was banking out in our lovely room across from the manager’s office when I felt a presence watching me. I turn around and no one was there. I went back to counting my coins but I still could feel someone watching me. This time as I looked around I caught a glimpse of something up by the ceiling…I jumped up and turned around and there I see you (well, your head) smiling at me from above the little partition separating the room from the other side. You then proceeded to ask me if I knew what you were doing which I replied “no”. You then explained that we should always remember to take a step back and look at everyday things from a different perspective.

He apologized for not sharing it publicly at the retirement celebration.

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4 replies on “For the love of a teacher”


That’s a WOW moment. Those are the things my former college professor used to call “a Barnabas File” keeper. He said he keeps a folder of things like this as a means of encouragement when things aren’t necessarily going like we had hoped.

Have a blessed Friday,


Bob, we all have a file like that. Why? Because it’s a universal human need to feel appreciated.

What is striking, in retrospect, is how long he has carried that memory with him. What was common, everyday behavior for one was a thought-provoking milestone for the other.

The ripple effect before i knew what it was. 🙂

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