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Give Kids The World?

We're Going To Disney World!
We're Going To Disney World!

Traveling recently in Delta Airline’s first class cabin, there was an empty (very rare) seat next to me and behind me. Cabin door is closed. Cool, extra room, I thought.

Next thing you know, the guy behind me comes up and takes the empty seat next to me, leaving his row empty.

My surprised look prompted his explanation, “There’s a Give Kids The World Child and her Mother that are being upgraded”.

Our plane is headed to Orlando, with all the world-class theme parks. What should I do? What would you do?

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By jeff noel

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3 replies on “Give Kids The World?”

Blog about it so others will know what “Give Kids The World” means. I’ve only been slightly aware of them for about 5 months.

Thanks for the spark! I think I’ll start calling you Sparky!

David, thanks for your suggestion. Hey, I like Sparky. I often call others that.
Mostly for me, I’m called, “odd”. 🙂

Patty, they are staying at Give Kids The World Village, and are in excellent hands.

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