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He cried a few minutes after we met

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It was at this time that the Food & Beverage Manager and i met.


He cried (briefly, and almost unnoticeably) a few minutes after we met.

The waitress behind the Hotel lobby cafe counter gently pushed my oatmeal breakfast tray across the counter while the manager got my cup of plain hot water. The boringness of my drink started our conversation.

And in a handful of minutes what began casually turned into a profound moment for both of us.

How i quit drinking coffee and diet coke and replaced that with plain water led to health talk, which led to…

Him sharing that his wife had a massive heart attack and died less than two years ago.

He shared that because he too is taking steps to become healthier.

i signed a copy of my book and included a personal note about Debi and told him i didn’t expect him to read it, but if he did, i hoped it would have a positive impact on the people he loves.





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2 replies on “He cried a few minutes after we met”

Diet Mtn Dew – Diet anything, really – are my go-tos. My rationale is that I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, “party”, etc. Can’t I have just ONE unhealthy vice?!?! How did you do it? Go cold turkey?

Thanks for reading and commenting Mindy. Nice to see you here. It was a fluke. If you would have bet me a million dollars to quit, i don’t think i could have done it.

But after a 10-day Family visit two Christmases ago, my intake was altered enough that when we got back home to Disney, i asked myself, “Could you stop completely?”

That was 18 months ago. It has really made eight hours of sleep a bigger payoff. Anything less, and a nap is probably required in the afternoon.

PS. i work for myself, at home, and naps are a job perk. Be well.

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