How Big A Cross Is Too Much To Bear?

St Augustine, Florida

When I think of big crosses to bear, the thought of our military men and women…the thought of their parents receiving a call…the call the parents always worry about…the giant cross they bear.

And when I compare my good life, I feel ashamed sometimes.

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By jeff noel

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  1. The first thought I had while reading this post was: The bigger the cross, the bigger the blessing. The second thought was: We truly can’t judge the size of someone’s cross. Sure we all think, how can they do that? How do they bare up under such an ordeal? But God never has us go threw life alone. He is always there to carry us when the going gets tough. Stories of great blessing that come to mind are: The terminally ill boy in Seattle that wanted to feed the homeless. The programs started in his name are on going. The military men and women who adopt children and dogs during their tour of duty. Imagine being blessed by love while under siege. It would have to be at the hand of God.

    People who pick up and carry their cross, big or small, are truly about the Father’s work. Think about the crosses you carry each day and the blessings you extend to others and that shine back upon your self. I believe it’s the work of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Patty, beautifully expressed. The crosses and the trials that we experience will never compare to those of our Savior, but God blesses us anyway.

  3. Love the dialogue. A nine year old terminally ill boy with a passion to help others. Soldiers sent to defend freedom, find love and purpose. Amazing. Grace.

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