I Asked God Why

Blogging Fertility God?
Blogging Fertility God?

Ever have some amazing, and completely unexpected opportunity sitting in front of you? Me too. What did you do about your opportunity? Has it changed your life, or are you regretting not seizing it?

I’m sitting next to a Pastor right now as I type these words.

Carlos wanted to be a Pastor since he was seven years old, while growing up in Argentina. Carlos’ Father was a vocational Pastor, meaning he worked 40+ years without a salary. He had a full-time paying job, and was a Pastor on top of that. His Father is 79 now and serving the poorest of the poor in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, at Encuemtro Latino.

In the late 1990’s, my phone rang and the person on the other end offered an opportunity to become a professional speaker. Public speaking is our greatest fear, greater than the fear of death.

And I thought to myself, God must want me to become a comedian or a Pastor and this public speaking thing would provide the necessary experience.

I’m still trying to figure out why. 🙂

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  1. Jeff,

    Rarely in one’s life does God place something in a person’s path that turns out to be an “end all” or “final stop on the ride of life.” More like it, it turns into a stepping stones, oftentimes directing us to greater service for Him. From the outsdie looking in, the person may look like he or she is still in the same place, but the next step may be a heart-felt one instead of a physical change.

    Sometimes it is hard to see beyond the step we are on, but know that we are there in preparation for something down the road. I remind myself of that daily, as I wonder why my “resting rock” seems to not lend itself to revealing the next step at this time. But timing is relative, and God knows the right timing. Sometimes I wonder if the what I am to learn before moving onto my next place of service is patience, as I want so much to know when sometimes.


  2. Faith is really a great thing. We all want to pass the ultimate test, but few of us want to take it.

    The serenity prayer comes to mind as the most effective big-picture way to look at life.

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