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Tales From The Road
Tales From The Road

Recently received an email from an occasional reader. It’s a random comment like this that makes the journey’s effort so worthwhile. What keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward?

“Hey Jeff, We met a couple of years ago in the Orlando airport. You were admiring my little netbook computer and we had a nice chat. I just wanted to let you know that I read your blogs from time to time, when I have time, and I enjoy your insights. I love this bit about the 1 to 10 scale and your son’s answer. You’re a lucky man to receive that sort of love. And I think your son is lucky too. Keep touching lives.”

If you blog, or pray, or exercise, or raise a family, or try to help others, don’t give up.

When you least expect it, something or someone will feed your soul. It’s God’s way of reminding you that life is hard, but also virtuous.

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  1. By linknig to my post on the Disney Driven Life was a way of paying it forward. A good deed done by a Disney Institute Cast Member was a way ofpaying it forward when he met me and my family at DHS for an hour. We had a nice chat and I took the time to learn about him. He was there to serve us, but I tried to shift the focus on him. He was well deserving.

  2. Good and magical things happen at DHS and all over WDW.
    Paying it forward, or paying it back, it doesn’t matter, as long as our gratitude exceeds our expectations.

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