King Of Glory

The young girl, our neighbor, is going to be alright. The fractures and complications do not require surgery.

Thank you to everyone who found a moment(s) to pray. We ask that you continue to pray, for everyone. There is such a need for prayer. How about for world peace with the New York car bomb attempt? Or, for a way to stop the oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico?

Here’s Chris Tomlin’s song that inspired today’s post title. HIS glory is our refuge:

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  1. Glad she’s okay. God is good. Thanks for the reminder to pray for our country. In a world where everyone likes to point fingers at what’s wrong, what if we all just prayed instead? In a recent Bible study I was in, the point was driven home that prayer is our most powerful weapon. We just need to use it.

  2. We are armed with the most powerful tool ever created – God’s Holy Word.

    But because we are perfectly imperfect, we have a difficult time seeing the obvious.

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