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King Of Glory

The young girl, our neighbor, is going to be alright. The fractures and complications do not require surgery.

Thank you to everyone who found a moment(s) to pray. We ask that you continue to pray, for everyone. There is such a need for prayer. How about for world peace with the New York car bomb attempt? Or, for a way to stop the oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico?

Here’s Chris Tomlin’s song that inspired today’s post title. HIS glory is our refuge:

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2 replies on “King Of Glory”

Glad she’s okay. God is good. Thanks for the reminder to pray for our country. In a world where everyone likes to point fingers at what’s wrong, what if we all just prayed instead? In a recent Bible study I was in, the point was driven home that prayer is our most powerful weapon. We just need to use it.

We are armed with the most powerful tool ever created – God’s Holy Word.

But because we are perfectly imperfect, we have a difficult time seeing the obvious.

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