Love here, there, and everywhere

Youth ministry in Orlando neighborhood
Middle left shirt says it all – Love Here


After the Youth Ministry students spent two minutes answering, “What is the meaning of life?” plus the followup questions I asked as a professional facilitator, it was time…

I said, “Ask me“.

One asked.

Effortlessly and instantaneously, “To love and be loved.”

If we only love, and get nothing back, we will dry up.

If we only receive love, we are selfish.

Love here, there, and everywhere.

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  1. Jeff,

    It is amazing how so many people don’t realize how much of a two-way street this needs to be! Only being a giver leaves one’s tank empty. Only being a receiver renders the person unable to share in the joy of showing love.

    Like my pastor says, it is hard to be blessed when your fist is closed, holding onto what you have. But when you open your hand to share with others, it is then that new blessings can placed in your hand. And it doesn’t matter what you are holding onto – love, time, talents, knowledge, wealth – you can’t hold more in your hand until you open it and let go of what you are holding on to.


  2. Bob, wonderfully said. And further validation this is a profound insight. Quite simple actually. In order to get, we simply need to give.

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