The Biggest Tragedy With Catholics

The 70-something visiting Priest from Ireland gave one of the best homilies I’ve heard in years. He articulated his accented message clearly, slowly, methodically. I hung onto every word. He asked us what we did last week and what we’ll do this coming week. His message was clear…

Was the second Lector yesterday. We are the Body of Christ.

The biggest tragedy amongst Catholics is too many believe and not enough do.

Timeless Insight: It matters little to walk to do the preaching if not the walking is the preaching.

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  1. It is through our actions that we recognize Christ in those around us. And in those actions extend The Eucharist.
    It is in giving we receive.

  2. I do not believe that Catholics have succeeded in being the only ones who preach a lot and do little.

    I say this as a non-Catholic preacher . . . not enough doer.

  3. David, that was what I was saying in the fine print…any group of people struggle with this, not just spiritual groups.

    And the last thing any of us should do is judge. (sounds like I was)

    The real challenge is the human frailty of stereotyping a whole segment from a small sampling.

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