Who Knew?

Who Knew?
Who Knew?

What catches your eye, makes you pause, provides a laugh, an “aha moment”, an insight, a doubt, or a sign?

Are these things even on your radar? Probably, if you’re like most people. This car was about a soccer field away from the Scout Store, where I was sitting on the steps with Cooper (our Dog).

Some people wear the Jesus bracelet WWJD, the crucifix, have the Jesus Loves You bumper sticker. And then there’s the car. Who knew?

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  1. An ah ha moment: This morning, after meditation, as I was unfolding, stretching and taking in that first big breath, I had this thought: I am like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. I sat down a caterpillar wrapped in a prayer shawl, put myself in His hands, contemplated His love, and emerge so much better for it.

  2. Great metaphor. One children could relate too.
    Max Lucado has a video series called Hermie The Caterpiller, another staple in our library.

  3. Jeff,

    I am reminded of the story I once heard about the lady who was sitting in traffic, her windows down, and was screaming at the person in front of her at the redlight for not going quickly enough. A police officer on his motorcycle heard her and pulled her over to make an arrest. She she began screaming, “Can’t I voice my opinion?” He just read her rights to her and arrested her.

    A could of hours later, he came into the jail and told her, “I am sorry. We made a mistake. You are free to go.” She screams, “Why did you arrest me? What did I do wrong?” He goes, “Well, I saw all those Christian bumper stickers on your car, but your language was nothing like that. So I assumed you stole the car. Apparently I was wrong. It was your car. You are free to go.” She embarrassingly exited.

    When I heard that, that was definitely an “aha moment” to make sure your message matches your behavior. You may be the only Jesus people see.


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