Yesterday In The Subway Line

Wish I Packed My Lunch More Often
Wish I Packed My Lunch More Often

When was the last time you felt Divine providence? Anyone in the last 18 hours?

Eat fresh, right? Jared, the Subway sandwich guy lost a gazillion pounds eating fresh. The lunch time line was long.

Had iPad in hand, to do some work and remain productive.

After ten minutes in line, the tall man behind me says, “How do you like your iPad”.

Eric (the tall man), a former Youth Pastor, and now a Church founder, was visiting from Texas for some leadership training here in Orlando.

Listening to Eric’s story as we waited our turn to pay, it was astonishing to hear that he fasted for 40 days, and God led him to start a Church.


Start a Church.

Make no small plans people.

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  1. I didn’t start with a plan. One comment by a Cast Member, “of course” is what it took to spark a journey that I hope is only beginning. It led to an internet search, the purchase of a book “Creating Magic”, a professional development class, a new friendship, a blog, a website idea, . . . the list is growing.

    How do you like your iPad?

  2. **smile, turning into a grin***

    David, I love the iPad.

    Love your story too.

    Isn’t it crazy how a small acorn can grow to become a mighty oak?

    Or a carpenter’s son….

  3. When watered and nurtured, given light and room to grow, it can become what it was meant to be.

    And when it is old and can no longer grow or support itself, its legacy lives on in a house, or a bench, or a deck, etc., giving shelter or support to the next generation who can plant a seed . . .

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, it took me several reads, until I got your message.
    The mighty oak lives on, after it’s death, to comfort, defend, or provide joy for future generations. Very nice.

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