Can there be more than one life purpose?

your life's purpose may be to build bridges, between Family members

Can there be more than one life purpose? I say yes. For instance, your life purpose may be to figure out your life’s purpose. Don’t underestimate that there’s a process to arrive at your life changing revelation. And I’d recommend not resting until you discover it.

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  1. Jeff,

    I say there are levels of life’s purpose. My guess is that there may be a personal purpose, possibly a professional purpose, and then a higher, spiritual purpose all built into the life purpose. That is why people find it hard to nail down one when asked, “What is your life purpose?” They start looking at the various levels, usually intertwined with one another to some extent, and are not sure which one will immerge for the discussion at hand.


  2. Bob, agreed. Multi-levels. Really appreciate you chiming in on this one. Great perspective. It’s so challenging to say it’s jut one big, major purpose.

    What I’m discovering is unusual power in the interconnectedness that I’ve never paid attention to before. Still on the journey. Still learning.

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