Church or work?

church parking
Church parking lots are a great place to start any day

Won’t be going to Church this morning. Early morning Delta first class seat to Chicago and then a drive to Wisconsin. Mission work.

Besides, we don’t need an official building to “go to Church”. Do we?

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  1. We started my dad’s 75th birthday celebration at the 4 pm Mass yesterday at our parish here in Framingham. It was such a wonderful way to kick the party off as a family. And though the prayers we said at Mass were a special combined joyfilled experience, I know the ones I share while riding my bike or in silent mediation have God’s ear as well.

  2. Patty, glad to hear it was a wonderful kick off to a wonderful milestone. God is ready and eager 24/7. Have a glorious Sunday. How’s Carlo doing?

  3. Thanks for asking. He looked great yesterday. Had his last treatment this past week. Now he has to wait 5 weeks and they will do another biopsy.

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