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Jesus, let me have the privilege of raising my children

be brave Laura, and slay your cancer

David Balentine sent me the latest update from Laura Black, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her third child.

“I am not afraid of death. At all. I know I will be made perfect in heaven. However, I’m afraid that will not be balm to my children’s weary souls. My heart aches for my family and my three children. I feel like every child needs a mother present in his or her life. So on this, Mother’s Day, my only prayer is, “Dear God, Please grant me the sweet privilege of raising my three children. Amen.” – Laura Black

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PS. So how significant is being a school field trip chaperone? Laura, may you find comfort in God’s sweet embrace as you follow wherever he leads you and your Family.

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8 replies on “Jesus, let me have the privilege of raising my children”

Jeff – I am lifting Laura, her husband, and the 3 children up to God right now. He knows what to do!

Bob, all MLC posts are written daily – real life, in real time…

Because I write 90 days ahead, it hurts to tell you her children and husband miss her.

Bob, as always, your prayers reach out to help and comfort the hurting. We may not see it happening, but that’s why it’s called the “mystery of faith”. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Thank you Jeff for sharing her insights. Through her cancer diagnosis it seemed she had a greater insight into what God wants from her and what she should ask from God.

Knowing death was inevitable, she finally asked to be able to raise her three children. She knew that if God wanted it, she would be doing it. But she understood the pain her children and family would experience without her.


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