One sure way to know what you do makes a difference


Pay attention to the cues around you… Last night, we hugged each other at the car the same way we have everyday after school for the past nine years.

It was 6pm. The school parking lot was empty, but there was a honk and I rolled down my window before starting the car. A Mom yelled, “It’s nice to see you’re still getting hugs”.

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  1. While cruising on the Disney Magic we saw very little of our girls. And when we did see them, they had no time for us. Their new friends became their focus. But two steps off the ship, heading for home, we heard all the stories and viewed pictures of their friends. The girls are all smiles. And this mom is very happy they still talk with me. Thank God.

  2. Patty, probably the most important thing a parent can do is develop the relationship so that it’s always easy, enjoyable, and even valuable, for their child(ren) to talk to them.

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