The first symptom of the process of killing our dreams…

giving up on dreams
the writing's on the wall as they say

The first symptom in the process of killing our dreams is when we quietly, and repetitively say to ourselves, “I’d really like to, but I’m so busy at this time in my life”.

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  1. Jeff,

    I definitely do understand this quote. Thanks – I appreciate it.


  2. I remember when my kids were little, they made me very busy. I often felt like I was hurrying to get “it” all done by the end of the day, and that made for much anxiety and stress and hurt feelings and emptiness. I also felt like I didn’t even have time for dreams as I was very wrapped up in the busyness of the here and now.

    Then somebody pointed out to me that our Lord Jesus never hurried or was too busy. There isn’t a single recorded moment in the gospels where he ran to someone’s aid — he walked and he walked with peace abounding.

    I still try to live my life at the speed of Jesus.

  3. Natalie, heard Trace Adkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This” yesterday.

    Thank you for the reminder to live at the speed of Jesus. Have you blogged about that?

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