The obvious answer is, “It depends”

child death
no 10 year old, anywhere, should ever have to face death

If you’ve had a chance to have a family, do meaningful work, achieve some decent personal goals, then we ought to look at the inevitable as our crowning achievement, not some unexpected, painful, terrible goodbye.

If you are a child facing end of life reality, regardless of age, death doesn’t, and never will, make sense.

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  1. “regardless of age, death doesn’t, and never will, make sense.” I like that Jeff, reminds me of when my grandmother passed away and I was told that it doesn’t make sense and it isn’t supposed to make sense to us because we were created to live and not to die. We therefore do not understand it.

  2. Brandon, you’ve started an interesting conversation. I think death should be understood and should make sense. What also should make sense, but rarely does, is how we get so busy that we forget to live before we die. To me, that’s the tragedy.

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