Do You Mind?

Busy-ness Is Distracting
Busy-ness Is Distracting

Being on the road for five days this week was rewarding and taxing. Unless you do this frequently, it may be challenging to understand, but I hope you do, because it’s the challenging part I want to relate to you.

We are all faced with daily challenges. One person’s small challenge is another’s big challenge.

This will seem small in comparison to life-threatening issues, but herein lies a secret.

Being crazy-busy does not give us an excuse to be unfaithful.

So in picking up our son, late yesterday, as we got in the car, it hit me. I had not been on my knees in prayer yet. Each morning, it’s the same:

  • Wake up
  • Bathroom
  • Kiss Cheryl and Chapin as they sleep
  • Kneel at the foot of the bed
  • Say the three most important prayers

“Do you mind if I do it now”, I asked him. “No, I don’t mind”, he said.

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