God Is Everywhere

Toronto International Airport
Toronto International Airport

Life is like a treadmill at a gym. You get on and you go and go, but you never get anywhere.

We go through our motions day after day, sometimes, we have no idea how much time is passing by.

And then things happen. Unexpected things. Things that might leave us feeling regret.

There is no immunity from regret, but there is a prescription for it.

By jeff noel

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    When I read your comments this morning, I was reminded of an older song from Phil Keaggy called, “Everywhere I look.” It drives home your point that no matter what our circumstances are from day to day, God is there. Here are a few lines from of the song:

    Hidden deep within my heart
    There are secrets yet to see the daylight.
    Unseen in the falling dark
    You are present even in my midnight.

    Everywhere I look You are.
    Deep and wide, near and far.
    Out beyond the furthest star,
    Even then there you are.

    Thanks for bringing this reminder to my memory!


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