Looking back four years to pay it forward today

from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 5 – in the time it took to write 7k+ blog posts


Are you conscious of the time passing? Most of us aren’t? Maybe parents are as their children learn to walk, begin school, etc.

But generally, we age slowly, steadily. But rarely do we age with intent. Four years ago in 2009, only mustered three posts in March. There was no five-a-day blogging.

Today is the 1,430th day in a row blog posting five-a-day. For real.

This month jeff noel is encouraging Mid Life Celebration readers to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It’s a breeze to go from this spiritual health blog to the money (career) blog, just click -> go to Next Blog


By jeff noel

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  1. Four years of continuous writing, can you imagine what it would be like to not write? Probably something like not breathing. It bet you would feel displaced, off center…

    Thank you for taking the chance. Reading all 5 posts are integral to the start of my days.

  2. Patty, as you have been blogging for nine straight years, you know full well the power of thinking things through, committing them to written words, and publicly shipping them.

    A writer over manages life’s details that others under manage or ignore completely.

  3. And this takes time, and focus, and desire, and hope, and sacrifice, and the possibility that none of it will make a difference.

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