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Alaska's Mighty Mountains Pale
Alaska's Mighty Mountains Pale

Ever heard of K2?

It’s a mountain, in Pakistan.

A really, really tall mountain.

In fact if it were only 779 feet taller, it would be the world’s tallest.

Surpass Mount Everest as world’s tallest? Wow!

If Mount Everest is my faith, K2 is my fear.

Caution, some think gigantic, unwavering Faith leads to the absence of fear.

It doesn’t.

What does this mean to the average person?

It means believing in God and having tremendous Faith doesn’t guarantee us a fear-immunity.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right – faith doesn’t mean you are fear-proof. Many a person in the Bible went into a situation, believing in God to direct them. But did they have fear? SURE! Remember – faith is stepping out into the unknown with the understanding that God is guiding your steps. Fear is oftentimes paired with that because people fear the unknown.


  2. Appreciate the validation, Bob.

    The challenge, many times, is people think a strong Faith takes care of everything, and then they wonder why their lives aren’t free from stress, pressure, guilt, worry, etc.

    To me, what Faith does, is equip us for the daily battle. The daily grind.

    With Faith, we can defend ourselves against the enemy – fear and doubt.

    And each daily victory provides another opportunity to do it again tomorrow.

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