We hurt because we have expectations that we can avoid pain and suffering

Mid Life Celebration book at LAX
The expectation is that this little book puts a dent in the Universe. It would be easier to lower the expectations.


We hurt because we have expectations that we can be the exception and somehow avoid pain and suffering.

Do the math.

No one is immune.


In the history of the world.

Why would it be any different for us?

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  1. Jeff,

    When I read your blog, I was reminded of a saying I use in my organizational behavior classes I teach: “Conflict occurs because of unmet expectations.” I was talking about between two people or groups. But I think it applies to ourselves individually as well. We have internal conflict (and the hurt from it) when we have unmet expectations that we can avoid it.


  2. Bob, we are in charge of everything.

    It is in finally and adamantly accepting this and moving forward being in charge that our life begins to transform.

    Only speaking from personal experience.

    Have touched the gates of hell (twice) with bare hands.

    Never going back.

  3. Perspective does indeed have a major impact on how we approach circumstances!

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