We miss you Cooper

Stuffed Teddy Bear and Hedge Hog at Beach


One year ago today, on a Sunday at 6am, Cooper and i drove an hour to the 24-hour emergency vet near Sanibel Island we found using Google.

Twenty-four hours later, Cooper took his last breath.

On last week’s trip i took Jack the Bear and Cooper’s favorite, the Hedgehog.

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  1. Jeff,

    I remember the moment well and how sad it was. I have a newer found appreciation for the sadness, as my dog Casper died the other day…almost 14 years old.

    I understand.


    1. Bob, so sorry to hear about Casper. We are privileged to share space and time with such loving creations. May you find solace in the long life Casper had and the infinite love Casper bestowed on you and your Family.

    1. Patty, a great reason to live like we mean it. We often mourn what could have been, instead of finding gratitude in what we shared.

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