What do you protect and how do you protect it?

Blink XT camera
Arrived yesterday. Blink offers features others brands don’t. Small, battery-powered, wireless, outdoor-proof, motion detection, etc, etc.


facebook breach
Last night…breaking news. Watched the ABC Evening News recording about an hour after the live broadcast.


Facebook breach
Thumbs down?


Facebook breach
What once seemed invincible…


What do you protect and how do you protect it?

Home security – including motion alerts, from anywhere, at any time.

Personal data security – all of our data – calls, location, friends, messages, etc, etc.

Spiritual security – this week between Palm Sunday (two days ago) and Easter Sunday – is the Holiest week of the year for Christians.

Are we consciously protecting our spiritual assets?

You know, peace, comfort, compassion, patience, generosity, faith, hope, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Ain’t no app for that, no security cameras, nor any digital software to protect our spirit.


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