A tragedy happened 48 hours ago that has become the world’s news

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big smiles, little children, and the harsh reality of life


Love is all that matters, and two days ago, a tragedy happened that made the world’s news. Twenty-seven people lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Right or wrong, I’ve chosen to not watch a minute of it on TV. And have spent the past 48 hours praying, wondering, thinking, discerning…

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  1. There are events that we will never forget. But how we choose to remember them is just that, a choice. By turning off the TV, we may miss out on some of life’s events. We can also miss pain, suffering, evil, sin. Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe we can take the pain and suffering others feel and transfer it to the pain and suffering we feel when we fall to our knees so often and ask God to intervene.

  2. David, great to hear from you. Although I didn’t spend time “watching it on tv”, there was enormous time – feeling the “pain, suffering, evil, sin” as you point out.

    What was unnecessary for me personally, was to embellish the event.

    There’s enough pain, suffering, evil, sin in everyday life that deserves our rise to make a difference.

    Rather than ride a band wagon of all the great things people wanted to do in the aftermath, we have an opportunity to simply be that kind of person everyday, all day, tragedy or not.

    The conviction most felt the week or two after is most likely a distant memory.

    Hope not.

    But think so.

  3. I believe you are correct. I had a friend who ran in a charity run yesterday (3/23) for Sandy Hook. I’m sure it was a wonderful event.

    Take that spirit of giving, of caring, and of love, and practice it daily.


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