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Disney Cast Member training
Disney Cast Member training: Trainer is demonstrating the power of offering to take a photo.


Disney Cast Member training
Disney Cast Member training: three trainees (Security hosts in this case) watching the Disney Trainer (left, interacting with the child).


Disney Cast Member training
Disney Cast Member training: Disney Trainer, left, shaking hands with the child (just out of sight).


A values-based organizational culture is always, literally without exception, going to outperform a latently-focused organization.

Humans want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Failing to tap into that is the result of distracted, unfocused leadership – these leaders have created a culture by default that revolves around a constant sense of urgency…an urgency resulting from poorly executed priorities.

Leaders outspokenly focused on revenue, cost containment, and profit will never earn the commitment of those on their team who are not financially incentivized, which is the majority of all front-line employees.





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