Reek of compassion

Catholic Missal and Alter
Yesterday morning, note the lower left corner date.


As Steve Jobs is to “putting a dent in the Universe” and “shipping your art”, what would we say to ourselves about spirituality?

Reek of compassion.

Yes, final answer.

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  1. Tried compassion in the work setting and got thrown under the bus. I know Mother Theresa says, Be Compassionate Anyway…

    Interesting. Now I’m renegotiating those waters. Testing and retesting with my big toe before jumping back in.

    1. Patty, one of the aha moments in my own journey the past 30 years, was to ask myself if the reason i was being compassionate had any expected return benefit. Sadly, it often did.

      These days, the guiding moral compass is the serenity prayer. To do good and decent things without any expectation.

      Not implying this applies (or might apply) to you, just offering the turning point in my own challenging journey.

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