Tax Day, 2000

8-second video: Wrote last year about this exact experience and what it taught me about Grizzly Bear and human interaction. To witness it laid the foundation for a once-in-a-lifetime experience a few days later.

One of the first times intentionally using a specific date – to help remember the “anniversary” date – was April 15, 2000.

Tax Day 2000.

There’s a penalty if you don’t do the work by April 15.

There’s a penalty if you don’t do the work to get and stay healthy.

In 1999, was disgusted (devastated?) at how far apart my intentions to live a healthy life were compared to my actual behaviors to live a healthy life.

Rationalized it took me years to get so slothful that i could reverse engineer a slow and steady comeback. Not in one or two years, but over the course of five-10 years.

Thus began running from our mailbox to our next neighbor’s mailbox. Once a day for a week. Second week, two mailboxes a day for a week. Third week, three mailboxes a day. Etc.

Tax Day and one-mailbox-a-day.

It worked.

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