The blessing in giving up

remember to embrace the serenity prayer if you wish peace for yourself and others

When should we give up? Is it okay to quit? How will others perceive us? How will we view ourselves?

We should give up, surrender, when we realize we’re up against something we can not control. This is difficult to discern. But once we have, quitting is easy. The blessing in giving up is that we are set free.

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By jeff noel

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  1. At first, reading the words “giving up” on one of your five blogs seems so foreign. Then I had to read it out loud, literally aloud, to get the true meaning.

    Surrender. Realize that “it” is bigger than you and that you alone cannot defeat whatever “it” is.

    Very powerful. Enjoy your first day of the week!

  2. David, thank you. Hearing feedback like yours is a (blessing) voice that says, “Keep moving forward with your quirky, somewhat antagonistic, short and pithy posts”.

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