This is incredibly lofty

NYC subway
Life is hard (and busy) for everyone


There can be no peace until we are able to let it all go.

Without trying, a women on her cell phone walking though JFK yesterday said, “You’re pissing me off when you do that”.

Could only do two things in that moment:

  1. Pray for her and the other person.
  2. Realize that there are no acceptable exceptions to not demonstrating peace in our life.

This is incredibly lofty.

Lofty is not a bad thing.

Doesn’t have to be elusive either.

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  1. I admire that woman for being able to voice her feelings. That is a communication skill that frequently eludes me. And if I could just examine my feelings, and open up about a discussion, life would be easier. Instead it takes a day or more to sort out what’s going on and then more time to find the correct moment for a conversation.

    To have a faster emotional processor would be nice.

  2. Patty, peace and contentment is the goal of a spirit-filled life.

    We are not in charge of the things we cannot control.

    We are only in charge of what we can, like our reactions, feelings, desires, hopes, dreams, example, etc.

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