Did Sandy Hook happen because of this simple cultural concept and failure?

Did Sandy Hook happen because of this simple cultural concept?

What we accept by default, becomes the standard.

I need more time to think.

We all do.

Here’s what happens when we remain ridiculous long enough.


By jeff noel

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  1. Is there a proper medium to voice one’s disapproval?
    I should also point out that acceptance and approval are two different things. The negative of either of these, though, for some reason, now incites vitriolic reactions. And it shouldn’t.
    But unfortunately, if you’re not prepared to get in somebody’s face to defend your views, you’re now either weak or wrong…nothing else.

  2. Craig, wow, great to see you hanging out a bit today. Enjoying your company.

    Is there a proper medium? Depends. Things always depend. Right?

    And if I could offer a different perspective.

    If I text while I drive and then tell a 16-year old rookie driver that you can’t text and drive, haven’t my actions said texting is ok?

    And finally, for now, I’ll default back to needing more time.

    To this day, I still don’t know the name of the young man.

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