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Some of the Men Are in the Reflection
Some of the Men Are in the Reflection

The servant leader of a Men’s group I belong to, Ralph sent this email request:

I am asking for your prayers for one of my colleagues, Dan Mastrone. He’ll be 39 tomorrow (Dec. 2). Last October, Dan was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Doctors found 20 lesions on his brain, liver, bone, bone marrow, and lymphatic system.

You can imagine the devastating news that Dan and his family received.

Since then, Dan has undergone 10 rounds of whole brain radiation and numerous chemo treatments. Today, Dan appears to have kept the areas, except for his lung, from having further metastasis. However, some fluid that he had in his lung, now appears to be solidifying and this is now becoming a solid tumor.

We all know the power behind a faithful, praying community and that is why I turn to you, my dear brothers (and sisters).

Dan also has a website on Caring Bridge at www.caringbridge.com and if you enter his name in one word – danmastrone it should take you to his sight. Let’s give him some encouragement and remind him and his family, that there is NOTHING that is impossible to our God – NOTHING!!!!

Thank you Ralph for giving all of us the opportunity to help Dan.

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  1. I have a cousin who was diagnosed with Stage 0 cancer. It is a case where it could develop into something more serious down the road. Regular visits to monitor the situation are all that is necessary at this point.

    Does that make it any less alarming with someone who has a more advanced case? A resounding NO in my book! The same fervor should be put into the prayer for the newborn baby full of health as is the 97-year-old great-grandmother lying in a nursing home bed waiting to die.

    James 5:16(b) – ” . . . The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

    Belief that God can heal at Stage 0 or Stage IV is the key. Ralph, we’re praying!

  2. Jeff,

    I will definitely add Dan to my prayers!

    Spot on, David! Spot on!

    People say, “I’ll pray…that’s the least I can do.” Actually, it is the best and first thing you should do – taking it to the Father who can do all things. What a thought to know that in your battles, you can go to the Undefeated Army of One to help you fight.


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