Feeling alone in a nice village?

Horizon West
It takes a village.

Horizon West began in the mid-1990’s, a few years after we moved to our current home.

Because our subdivision bordered the project, we were invited (and attended) all the early meetings with the big developers.

It was a coalition of Citrus farm owners who wanted out of farming and held massive acreage of (extremely) valuable vacant land North and Northwest of the Walt Disney World Resort.

The farmer’s dilemma was changing the existing zoning from one home per 10-acres to 50 homes per 10-acres (five homes per acre).

All told, we are roughly 50% finished with the buildout that will add one-million-plus people where there used to be only a couple thousand at best.

A few days ago, i attended a small business meetup organized by Orange County Florida’s citizen of the year, Cynthia Dailey.

The number of times a visionary thinks about quitting would make your head spin.

Your community is a gift, brought about by visionary people.

Your decisions have that same potential.

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