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Grateful for the God-given gift of determination

Disney University interior hall
Yesterday at lunch, fairly random photo at Disney University. i take solace knowing Walt Disney was a determined fella. So was Jesus.


Told our Son (15) the other day when we were talking about talent, i reminded him that i don’t believe i have talent, i believe that i have determination. Determination to do what i say i’m gonna do. In the end, talent cannot trump determination; not in the long run.

i go through cycles where i can’t comprehend what’s happening and other times i just write without thinking too much about the frequency and duration.

But when i do hone in on the reality of the frequency and duration, it absolutely boggles my mind.

Five daily, differently-themed blogs – was determined to do it 100 consecutive days beginning April Fools Day 2009.

Somehow the determination to see how many days in a row, without missing a single day, has morphed into nearly seven years worth.




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By jeff noel

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