1. Jeff,

    Good morning!

    My favorite Christian artist is Wayne Watson. I know – that ages me a touch. He was probably at the height of his career in the mid-80s to late-90s, but he is still singing! I still remember going to his concert and opening for him and singing backup for him was a new group by the name of Point of Grace.


  2. Bob, don’t have any Wayne Watson cds, but do have several by Point Of Grace.

    Have a spirit-filled day.

  3. POG makes me weak in the knees. I’ve got a soft spot for tight female harmonies like theirs (not female barbershop though…that just sounds creepy).
    I’m mostly a talk radio guy now, so it’s hard to really pull one artist out. But I’m gonna go with Mark Schultz, his stories are so powerful.
    If you want quantity though, I’ve probably listened to the group “Acapella” more than anything else combined (of any genre). They’re an all guy group produced by Keith Lancaster. They’ve been around for decades, with a rotating cast. Amazing…

  4. Switchfoot is my favorite Christian group. They are pretty mainstream now, but still a very positive message. Bebo Norman is one of my favorite Christian single artists.

  5. Teresa, love them both as well.

    Waiting for Steven Curtis chapman, or Chris Rice to show up. Or Nicole Nordeman.

  6. Jeff,

    See, my sons would be saying, “It’s TobyMac.” It is funny how they like him now, and this is his second round. I went through college liking his music (as the primary writer and singer) with DC Talk. It all comes back!


  7. I could throw so many more out there. We listened to so much in the car with my Dad – Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapmin, Gary Chapman, DC Talk, Newsboys, Twila Paris, Point of Grace.

    Bob, One of the most powerful songs for me, ever, is “In The Light” by DC Talk.

  8. Tons or great artists, Craig. Chris Tomlin just has something for me that’s hard to explain.

  9. Jeff…lose my soul. Right on target! In more ways than one.

    Yes, Craig…the remake of the Charlie Peacock “In the Light.” That’s a huge one!

    I grew up in an area where we had Christian concerts about once a month, and the group TRUTH came two or three times a year (where 4Him, Avalon, Russ Lee, Steve Green, part of First Call, Natalie Grant, and many others got their start). So I was spoiled, but in a good way! 🙂 And NewSong came regularly…years later, I move because of work and end up going to church with NewSong! So I am partial to them.

  10. Everyone, it is often easy to see all the ways people are turning away from the Church, but it should warm our soul the way Christian music has become so mainstream.

    I wonder if Jesus would be partial to any of these artists we’ve mentioned.

  11. I think he’s equally partial to all of them….and to all of us. 🙂

    1. Teresa, yes and yes.

      People passionate about becoming better and helping others get better, in spite of all the obstacles and excuses – who wouldn’t be partial to that?

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