January 24 he put a gun in his mouth

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Love how Disney Institute has adopted my business tag-line .think .differently (see the darker text near the bottom)


January 24 (today), in 2013, he put a gun in his mouth.

He was at his work desk.

He sent an email to dozens of people just before he took his life.

Received his email the minute he hit enter.

i called him immediately.

Thought it was some stupid joke.

After the first ring, i hung up.

“What if he’s not joking?”

Hell is real and no one is immune.

After four years, i just feel compelled this morning to write this – bad things happen to good people.

The beauty of daily writing (for 3,200+ consecutive days) is that it’s healthy in a way i never knew when i did not write..

There is no email subscription option on my blogs, no place to comment, and i don’t actively recommend these personal blogs to anyone.

Even though his letter clearly stated why Scott did this, we will never understand Scott’s why.


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