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My classmate’s Son is in People Magazine’s special 2012 year end issue

My classmate’s Son is in People Magazine’s special 2012 year end issue. It’s the 48-page issue featuring the 26 Americans killed at Sandy Hook elementary on the cover: Newtown Tragedy: Unbearable Loss. Enduring Love.

Last night (Dec 21) Mitch Stambaugh (my Spring Grove, PA class of 1977 HS classmate) posted on Facebook that his Son, Cameron, was in People Magazine. So I wrote… and Mitch replied…

  • Jeff Noel Mitch, it still makes me cry thinking about this. Sorry. I should man up. But it’s hard. Too close to home maybe.
    Mitchell Stambaugh There hasn’t been a day without tears, Jeff. But each day seems to get a little better, not alot but a little is better than none. Thanks for ur kindness.

Five months before Sandy Hook Elementary became a household name, on July 8, 2012 at 8pm, a deadly roadside bomb blasted an American armored vehicle killing six American soldiers form Fort Bliss’ 978th Military Police Company.

Today’s money post is about the antidote for playing it safe, here.

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