Plant What’s Most Important

Map out where you want to plant what seeds…

It’s so tempting to lose focus and pretend that others – school, Church, Temple, books, classes, relatives – will pass on life’s most important lessons.

I refuse to get sucked into this trap.

There are very specific, on-purpose habits, customs, activities, metaphors, stories that we can plant ourselves, to teach what’s most important.

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  1. Jeff, permit me to be a little long winded here. Your picture reminds me of a great experience.

    Not to give away secrets, but, during my Disney Institute course on Leadership Excellence (great teacher IMHO), one of our group exercises was to arrange large puzzle pieces on the floor. The pieces were all shaped the same so you had no idea what was a corner piece and what was an inside piece.

    I specifically remember standing up on one of the chairs to get a view from on high. As soon as I got the better view, and due to my obsession with the Mouse, I immediately recognized the picture that was to be formed. As I shouted out the solution to my team, I realized the other teams in the room could hear me as well. Soon, they were standing on chairs, directing their teams because they too had a different perspective and could see the big picture.

    The lesson (the Mickey Mosaic, as I like to call it) wasn’t about who was first to solve the puzzle. We had a clearly stated goal from the beginning and we all worked together to achieve the goal. Some positions of our team (7 members) were filled naturally (leader, middle managers, front-line employees). But everyone contributed. Everyone had value. Feedback was immediate and welcomed.

    Lessons can be learned and shared from all viewpoints within an organization (family, church, work). And if we are willing to listen, we might learn a lesson from the most unlikely places.

    Boy did you just rekindle a passion . . . . 🙂

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