Someone Has To Be Last

Do You Have Any Idea What I'm Talking About?
Do You Have Any Idea What I'm Talking About?

Someone has to be last. It’s a fact of life. Period.

My wife’s maiden name is Zubek. Guess where she stood when the teacher said, “Okay children, line up in alphabetical order“.

Same with the school bus, the US Postal service mail delivery, the food line at the homeless shelter. Someone has to be last.

Same with jeff – this blog is last in number of visitors. But God wastes nothing. Perhaps this humble, lowly, “last” blog will one day be the first blog.

In your busy day, you may find this hard to understand and you may not care. But within this one post (and this blog overall), there may be a nugget of insight that you’ve been searching for. It’s waiting for you, if you don’t mind being last.

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  1. Fortunately, in God’s kingdom, the last shall be first and the first shall be last.

    For those who diligently work, whether they are first or last won’t matter. The reward will be the same.

    And what a reward it will be!

    Keep moving forward!

  2. David, not sure about you, but I’ve found so much peace, contentment, and true joy in letting go of what I thought I wanted to be.

    I was never cut out for that.

    It feels great to admit it.

  3. What you don’t realize is that people read your blogs and then go out into the world and touch other peoples lives. You will never know for sure how many people you touch. As a teacher I have ex-students come up to me years after they graduate. I often cannot even remember their name. They tell me that I made a difference in their life….and I cannot even remember having them in class. You cannot use the the stats of you blog to decide whether you are reaching people.

  4. Carl, thank you for your encouragement.
    Congratulations on the difference you’ve made in countless and untold lives in 3 decades of teaching. Wow!
    And yes, I firmly believe in the “ripple” effect.

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