The times they are a changing

themed mailbox
Mailbox gets themed-makeovers multiple times a year.
Disney's Space Mountain
New Disney Tron Attraction
To the right of Space Mountain, Tron under construction. Also yesterday.
Transplanting a Disney tree
Bicycling South on World Drive. On the right just before the Main WDW Toll Plaza overpass. Yesterday, you guessed it.
translating huge Oak Tree at Disney
The crew told me it takes a month to dig up and transplant.

The times they are a changing – a Bob Dylan song. And a global reminder 24/7 right now.

This is always true.

In the midst of our global pandemic outbreak, we have already experienced unprecedented change.

More on the way.

Then there’s you.

Your daily, lifetime change is insidiously small, literally undetectable, the way a tree grows in your front yard.

You never see things changing until you move away and return years later.

Wow, look how big that tree has become.

Note: World-class wakeup calls are gifts sent from the Universe to get our attention. What we do with the message we receive is generally a big sigh of relief when the bad thing has passed, and then life goes back to the way it was before.

Pretty sure we should not let that happen.

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