Where Is Your Sanctuary?

It It A Sanctuary To A Prisoner?
It It A Sanctuary To A Prisoner?

Where is your sanctuary?

Where do you go to think special thoughts, and do special things?

How often do you treat yourself?

Or, is it not a treat, but rather a daily obligation?

Where is your sanctuary?

For many, and I know this all too well, work is their sanctuary, their special place.

Like this Leopard and the workaholic, does their sanctuary become a prison?

By jeff noel

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  1. The 4.2 mile one-way commute to work in my car is my sanctuary. I’m on auto pilot. I know where the potholes are. I know where the speed limit changes. I know where the police like to hide. I can have the radio on or off. I can be alone with my thoughts.

    And I catch myself getting uptight when the family is together in the car because I can’t see out the window or the noise level gets too high and my “sanctuary” gets disturbed.

    What? Why am I not rejoicing that we are together? I should be welcoming them into my “sanctuary”.

  2. Jeff,

    For me, it is the early mornings. I leave for work early on the weekdays and have about an hour before people come into the office to have my devotional time and to clear my head (and enjoy my coffee) before the busy day starts. On the weekends, it is the same at home. I am up before the rest of the family…they sleep in later than I do. That’s my time to get ready for the day, have my coffee and quiet time, and then hit the ground running when the boys wake.

    But yes, it has become such my routine that when it gets interrupted, the rest of my day gets off to a rough start.


  3. Bob, a private victory always precedes a public victory. Glad you take care of yourself first.

    This is a hard concept for people to grasp, because it feels selfish. And my only response is this, who’s oxygen mask do you put on first when there’s an airplane emergency, and why?

  4. Jeff,

    GREAT analogy! I’ve heard that speech dozens of times. I will smile and probably laugh out loud the next time I hear it on a plane.

    It was my attitude that was wrong. There will be a day when I long for the noise and the interruptions!

  5. You are right – I need to realize I shouldn’t feel guilty for “my time,” but thankful for the time I take alone with God.

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