Where’s The Beauty In A Homeless Person?

Pumping gas near Gold’s Gym at a busy Orlando intersection, I grabbed the camera.

Sad this person is homeless. Where’s the beauty in that?

She could be on a hospital bed dying of cancer, or stab wounds.

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  1. Seeing this image and reading your question: Where is the beauty in that? I took a different tangent as I was reminded of the homeless woman in Home Alone 2. At first Kevin is afraid of her, but once he gets to know her, he sees her for the beautiful person she truly is.

  2. Great movie. It gives greater insight into character development than did the first one. Brenda Fricker (aka The Bird Lady) plays a wonderful role. Her sweet voice and non threatening approachable nature helped to do away with most of the stereotypes placed on the homeless.

    And yes, it could always be worse. Sadly.

    1. Ramesh, thanks for visiting. Your photos are stunning.
      There is always a person there.
      it could be us one day.
      What we do for the least we do to ourselves.

  3. That was more of a follow-up to Patty & Ramesh’s comments, I guess. To the beauty of the person – more than a “bum”…

  4. Reading the blog, looking at the photo and reading the comments, I was reminded of the movie The Soloist.
    Who can say what beauty is contained within the heart of any other human being? Every single person who walks this planet and breathes the atmosphere of Earth is a soul loved and created by our dear Father.
    Where we live can never negate the truth that He has made us beautiful and loves us, and that he blesses each of us with creative powers. It’s just that some of us have life a little easier than others…
    Can you tell that I have a dream to be part of a ministry to homeless persons? 🙂

  5. Wow Natalie, your few sentences capture very simply the essence of God’s Love for each of us. Thank you.
    Good luck with your dream.

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