Want a quick way to understand task versus purpose?


Want a quick way to understand task versus purpose?

Michael Jr, comedian, with a purpose driven video. Was exposed to this on the second morning of the leadership retreat (two days ago).

By the way, task is what you are hired to do. Purpose is doing more than you are paid for because you cannot help yourself – because it brings you joy and it comes from the heart, and it is something you can not imagine giving up.




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  1. Absolute Truth! Love and Live with purpose! I never tire of watching this purpose filled video! Thanks for sharing it Jeff! How did your prayer go? Will you be beginning every meeting with a prayer now? Blessed Passion Sunday tomorrow!

    1. Marianne, so you’ve seen the video before?

      The prayer went exceptionally well.

      Not every organization i work with is Faith-based. This one is, and they inspired me to start my part with a prayer. Had never done that before and it was liberating. And the audience was inspired to know that i had conquered a fear right before their very eyes.

      Blessed Passion Sunday to you and your Family as well.

  2. Yes Jeff, I’ve seen it several times, inspiring each time!

    So grateful you had a good experience and used it as a teaching tool in your presentation! Great teachers do that!!

    I will gift your books whenever they get to me!

    My hubby and I live in Twin Pines Development. Does your Mother live in Pine Springs? When you were recently home I followed your driving experience on Hershey Rd and was laughing right along with you!! I believe you mentioned you were heading to your Mothers.

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