A New World Record?

1st, 3rd, & 43rd In The World (2009)
1st, 3rd, & 43rd In The World (2009)

No new world record here, not by a long shot.

But a personal record, yes.

Do you keep track?

Or does each day start the same?

Going through the motions?

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  1. Like I told my youngest daughter yesterday after she swam a personnel best int he 800 Free.

    It’s not a crime that you didn’t make the cut for finals…as long as you gave it your best shot.

    If you set a personal best record then you win…but don’t stop trying.

  2. Skip, first of all, it’s so nice to have you back.

    A PR – it doesn’t get any better than that.

    One of the best reasons for being in any activity during our formative years are the lessons we learn, not the trophies we chase after.

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