Dying to write this

When you’re a dying man and you know it, you can write like this…

Deep breath.


Because i don’t do certain things doesn’t mean i don’t want to…

Just because i’m always positive doesn’t mean i’m not tempted to be negative.

Just because i exercise regularly doesn’t mean i wouldn’t rather relax at home.

Just because i rarely eat sugar doesn’t mean i don’t want to eat chocolate all day, every day.

Just because i go to bed early and awake early doesn’t mean i don’t want to stay up late or sleep in.

Just because i consistently go to Church doesn’t mean i’d rather use Sunday mornings for something else.

Just because i do not get angry doesn’t mean i don’t want to get angry.

Just because i work so hard to be amazing in my profession doesn’t mean i’d rather spend less time studying, networking, writing, and chasing impossible goals.

Just because i’m decently organized, doesn’t mean there aren’t many days where it is so hard to make decisions on what to keep, what to donate, and what to recycle.

Just because i love technology doesn’t mean i love all the time it takes to keep up with it.

Years ago, i purchased the domain name Excuse Whisperer .com

Wishing everyone, especially you, the best today.

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