Quietly, we’ve reached 15 years

Odds are high you won’t have time to watch this TED Talk.

Yet know i felt the same “i don’t have time nor interest right now” feeling.

If you become an exception and watch (like i just did), odds are high you won’t finish (i did finish, but doubted i would).

There’s a point where the TED Talk’s silence will unnerve you.

Becoming unnerved is a glorious place.


It challenges you in uncomfortable ways.

Lean into discomfort.

Discomfort exists to help things grow: people, processes, places.

Today starts the 15th year of prolific writing.

Five daily, differently-themed blog posts.

Four leap years at 366 days each plus 10 years at 365 days each.

That’s 5,114 consecutive days.

Five differently-themed blog posts a day.

That’s 25,570 published blog posts.


Don’t tell anyone.

•  •  •  •  •

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By jeff noel

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